Who else uses PositionWeaver to get higher rankings? Are they doing great?
Here are a few comments from a few of the many happy clients that we serve:

… First of all, I just want to say you guys have a tremendous product and I am so happy that I found you. I’ve cut my marketing budget in half because of your product and gotten rid of banner promotions totally with true focus on the search engines. – M. Baseluos

… I use positionweaver everyday and I love it! … Anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such a great program … – F. Laker

I am a user of your program and have enjoyed great success with it, in fact my latest client is wiping the floor with all his competitors … – Steve

…I L-O-V-E your software, and I swear by the results that I have received… – Dr. Frey

… one thing is for sure, your software is a real godsen. I went from 40 to 50 hits aday to 300 to 500 hits a day. can you believe that. I have been able to secure number 1 positions in the major search engines. I expect to be getting over a thousand hits aday by the end of January … – Tony, USA.

Referring … contains detailed info as to the drastic change in my rankings to number 1 and several top 10 postions promoting my video site at http://www.inet-shopping.com – Wayne Stafford, USA.

I’m surprized at how fast AV updated my doorway and even more amazed how fast I got hits and even more amazed how I got a return on my investment of over 440% in so short of time. I’m beginning to become a believer of Search positioning. – C.N.

Positionweaver is by far the most successful piece of site promotion software that I have ever used – Ady

Using PositionWeaver … I have now attained number one slot in most of the search engines for my rather specialised business – brilliant! Kind regards – J Wynn

Two more new members as a result of a total of only six pages regestered at AV. Current return on investment (ROI) of $35.00 for this years education = 1778% !! I love this concept. – C.N

I am very pleased with the incredible program you have created in PositionWeaver – by far the finest I have come across like it. – T. French

Just wanted to kinda let you know what is going on with using your product. First let me say that it works and it works well. I’m only seeing a small increase in traffic, but that’s only because I’m trying to find the right keywords. I usually only get 40 to 60 hits for the entire day, but on this day already at 1:00pm I have 41 hits. Every time I refresh the hit counter increases and yes it’s because of the doorways. On many of my keywords I’m in the top 10 results and even as high as the top 3 on some of them. So, I’m not yet a big success story for getting heavy traffic, but I will say this to all that are thinking about using the services of searchpositioning.com their product is a big thumbs up and I subjest you using it. I will write again when traffic really increases. Thanks! – T. Johnson, USA.

… As an experiment I made a couple of doorways for AV (they index in a couple of days) and lo and behold I came up #1. So I decided to target a specific competetive market and sell the service for a low fee with a small quarterly charge. All I said was “If I can get you in the top 20 of Alta Vista would you be interested?” Bottom line was I picked up 12 new clients @ $50 + $25 a quarter. You do the math. They all have a #1 or #2 position. … It’s the best $35 bucks I’ve spent this year. – Dave J.

… your gateway pages do score extremely well on the search engines. I was delighted to find something that seemed to offer real progress to people who are prepared to work at their web sites … – Peter Perry, U.K.

I am the webmaster for my sons allergist. His pages have information for allergy asthma sufferers.(http://people.delphi.com/drchrisr) I generated some doorways various keywords including allergy and asthma, sneeze etc. On Hotbot, the pages moved from greater than 250, to the first 50, or less (in 1 case to position 2); On lycos I moved up 241 position from less than 250 to the top 40. I will generating more doorways with more keywords, for this page, for my personal page and for the other pages that I create. – Chris O’Donnell

… I am using your service now and am satisfied with it … – M. M., USA.

… I really like your service. Actually seems to be getting me better positioning. Keep up the good work. – Mike Mathiesen

… I have had several doorway pages place in the top ten on HotBot… – P.M.

Thank you for your great service, generating gateway pages has never been easier… – Ben

I have been using your service for a few weeks and am very satisfied with it. As a matter of fact I would like to do all that I can to help the success of your site… – D. Kuschill

… and by the way I really think your doorways are helping my site, I’ve gone from 0 hits a week back in January to 2 to 3 hundred hits a week the last 3 weeks, and I dont think it’s even had a chance to hit a couple of the engines yet… – JRSA Jewelry

… I really love your service…My traffic has increased and I don’t have to PAY for it! – M. Baseluos

Thank You very much. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I have been referring all my web-hosting customers to you because of the great service you’ve been giving and because your system actually works great. If you need another endorsement. Please let me know. – Mike Mathiesen

…You can be assured I believe the integrity of your company is to be held in high regard…you can quote me on that! – Mike Magno

… I have got the top 10 position on 15 of my keywords so far. My best key word is at altavista,”cheap gifts” were I am the top 9 positions. You know what your doing! Keep up the good work and thanks for listening to us when you make changes to the site. – Paul Louderback

Thnak you so much. Over the course of the past year in geting my web development business started, this is the best money I have spent to date. I used the program once in May to build the doorways for my buisness site and when I look at teh stats… doorways are listed in at least half of the top referral positions Thanks again. – B.Nagle

I am anxiously awaiting the affiliate program to come out. My name is Gary Chase and I am a promotion and marketing specialist for several companies, one very major company in the United States. I have begun using your program and offer you to go to Northern Lights engine and type in the ever popular “website submission”. This is an extremely competitive phrase as I am sure yopu know. Anyhows, the sites in the number one and number two positions are mine 🙂 There is also another up and coming site I have been working on and it is moving along smoothly. I have a degree in marketing and have been a certified webmaster for seven years now. I charge a fee of only $105.00 US for these results! Your product is the best and yes I own and have tried ALL of them EXTENSIVELY. Thanks for the great product! – Gary Chase Webmaster, First Time Design

I purchased your product, pro. I love the entire app and the updates have been first rate!! – C. Hoehl